I didn't go to beauty school because it was everything I dreamt of... Believe it or not, I went to beauty school to please a guy. It was a silly reason to go, but it ended up being the best decision I ever made.  I always appreciated the beauty industry, but was your girl next door. I had a beautiful head of hair down to my lower waist and rarely wore makeup.  I didn't even know how to apply eyeliner. I am sure my mom was shocked when I came home with 3 feet hacked off and a new hue..... black. Lets just say, I went through a "phase" and that I was now a pro at applying eyeliner. 

After school, I was off. I worked in an Aveda salon  and attended advanced education classes in SOHO, NYC. After that adventure, I decided the gut wrenching decision to leave the brand I felt most passionate about behind. An opportunity as an apprentice to the owner of a great salon in wexford seemed like a step backward, but it was a giant leap forward. I worked my butt off as an apprentice which led me to become a color educator for the color line we were using in the salon. I attended every class I could and shadowed the in salon educator any chance she gave me. I built a solid foundation at the salon. I was on the direct path to achieving all of my goals. Life was amazing!! 

Little did I know that the biggest road block in that path, was just ahead. 

The guy who taught me everything, my fellow dog lover, the man who I am honored to have been able to call a friend in the end, my step-father, took a turn for the worst in his very long battle against cancer. To me, it was a no brainer. I needed to be by his side to help him through this very hard struggle to the end.  6 months pregnant, I handed in my 2 weeks and walked away from everything I had worked so hard to build, not to mention by income. There are plenty of chances to build another book, but only one to help someone you love pass away. This man was worth it.

With a new found respect for how short life is, I thought it was a perfect time to open a salon. The only thing I was struggling with was what on earth to name it. My only requirement is that it had to have something to do with my stepdad. A story, short and sweet, came to mind and there it was. While lying in his hospice bed, I asked one question.. "What is it that I can walk through life and remember you by?" He replied "I'll be in the wind" thus Auria, which means wind, was born. So, with the name decided, I rented a space, paid for a small build out and I opened my doors with 7 clients, 2 chairs and desk to support my business. Never did I imagine that I would work for another Aveda salon let alone become one. This only happened because a dear friend that was helping me start my business knew it was my dream, and sent in an application on my behalf. Erin, I will always love you for taking that initiative. 

  In 2015 it was time for Auria to grow into her own space and bloom into the Aveda Salon I had dreamt about. So, my husband and I bought a 15 year old vacant building sure to be condemned that had an unusable well and no utilities. Your first fixer upper should be a fixer-upper, right? Sure! We bought matching tool belts and got to work! In May 2016, Auria Salon moved into her new home! Still a work in progress, my husband and I,  have accomplished so much in such a short amount of time. Being an Aveda Salon, this building was perfect for our budding business. We appreciate all of the ongoing support and encouragement from all of our clients and friends! I am excited for what the future brings for Auria Salon! 

Owner and Hair Artist

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callie kim